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Podcast Ep 005: My #1 Rule for Effective Fitness Programs

Updated: Mar 3

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Today I woke up with a headache…thought about canceling my workout but then remembered that moving my body actually helps diminish my headaches.

So - I did my workout, just used about half the intensity I normally would have…but I still got it done. And - I do feel a bit better.

So, let's talk about working out and my #1 rule for effective fitness programs.

Working out does so much to make our bodies FIT and HEALTHY from the INSIDE OUT.

It literally helps make you healthier from your head to your toes, affecting everything from your brain function and circulation to your digestive system, hormones, mood, and immune response, not to mention your heart and lungs!

A well-rounded fitness strategy includes the 3 pillars of fitness - which are strength, stamina and flexibility. Your body and health benefits from all 3! I’ll cover these 3 pillars in my next episode.

But - knowing what to do isn’t enough for an effective fitness program.

And neither is knocking out some movement here and there, randomly or when you start/stop/start .

So, Can you guess what my number 1 rule is?

THE KEY POINT of what it REALLY takes to get into great shape and experience all those benefits, which you may find has takeaways that translate to all areas of your life, is:


Working out on a regular basis will do more for you than cranking out a few long, hard workouts every once in a while.

Seriously, it’s much better to do a little less, more often than it is to do long, grueling workouts for a week or two and then give up!

Consistency is a big part of success in EVERY area of your life - especially when integrating healthy habits. It just takes showing up and putting in some effort, on a regular basis.

You’ll get better results, more health benefits, and plus you’ll feel better in the long run! That’s a triple win.

Chances are you can think of a couple of areas in your life where you’ve put the power of consistency into action already – at work, or with your family and relationships, or even with a hobby or skill you enjoy doing, like playing a musical instrument.

First tip to creating consistency: Start slow

In order to be consistent, it’s important to start slow, with manageable steps that you can easily work into your daily lifestyle! That way you aren’t overwhelmed.

Starting slow might look like picking one short workout from each pillar (strength, endurance, and flexibility) and schedule each one over the course of a week. Then do it again the next week.

You could also pick one kind of workout to do in 10-20 minute sessions multiple times each week.

You can always build up your routine over time, as you start to feel the results of your workouts…but going slow makes getting the job done that much more attainable each time.

Second tip to creating consistency: Dial method

Think of your fitness like a dial that goes from 1 – 10. (This also works in other areas of your life, not just fitness)

If you were to dial it up to “10”…

  • What would your workouts look like? (more often, longer, intensity?)

  • What would your nutrition look like?

  • What would your self care look like?

  • What other actions/habits would you practice in that scenario?

If you were to dial it down to “1”…

  • What would your workouts look like? (frequency, duration, intensity?)

  • What would your nutrition look like?

  • What would your self care look like?

  • What other actions/habits would you practice in that scenario?

Take a moment and think about your life right now, where is your dial set in these 3 areas specifically? Would you like to make any adjustments?

Could you move the dial up just one notch? Or even half a notch?

  • If so, what would that look like in terms of actions and frequency? Does that feel attainable?

  • On the other hand…Do you actually need to move the dial down a notch so you can stick with health and fitness even during a difficult time? Being mindful and realistic while also still maintaining consistency. If so, what would that look like in terms of actions and frequency?

Let me share an example of this from my own life:

My goal is to get 5 workouts in each week:

  • 1 cardio based either at Orange Theory/Bootcamp or Cycling

  • 2 Strength training sessions at the gym (because they have heavier weights than i have at home)

  • At least 1 yoga class each week…in addition to the one I teach on Saturdays

This is on top of the movement in my morning routine where I breathe, stretch and walk on the treadmill all for a total of 15 min each weekday morning.

AND on top of taking the dog for a walk.

But my schedule doesn’t always allow for all of this - even if I schedule the time, things might come up or my energy may not be there for the type of workout scheduled.

As I schedule my movement each week, I take note of potential issues and can have an alternate activity or day that I move. The key is that I remain flexible…if my plan gets hijacked, I have options. I can dial the plan up or down depending on what I need…But what I won’t do is completely scrap the workouts or movement.

Third tip to creating consistency: get comfortable playing in the mundane.

By this I mean that when you’re creating consistency, you’re trying to remove, or mitigate some of the variety, which can create decision fatigue or even FOMO.

The challenge here is that as humans, our attention gets drawn to the new and exciting things…which means we get pulled away from those things that happen regularly.

So you have to get comfortable with routine and creating consistency.

You can have some variety - and this is where the dial up or dial down idea really comes into play...And being flexible.

If you make consistency happen with your workout routine, you (and your body) will love the results.

And you will FEEL the benefits, in terms of energy, mood, and overall fitness.


Now, I’d like to offer you an Energizing Action you can try today or this week:

Get your activities on your calendar so you can set yourself up for success

And don't forget my upcoming FREE challenge that starts next week on SEPT 19…the 5-day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge. We'll explore habits to boost our metabolic burn for more energy, weight loss, and to feel better overall.

In this challenge we’ll cover:

  • The workouts you need to do to jumpstart your metabolism

  • The specific foods that’ll help you get faster results

  • Stress and its connection to your metabolism (and what to do about it)

  • How sleep can help you lose more body fat, if that’s a goal

  • The most overlooked component of metabolism (that can actually be FUN!!)

When you do register (again, it’s FREE), you’ll have the OPTION to upgrade to the VIP option, for $17, where you’ll get access to a private group Zoom call where we dive deeper into metabolism and you can ask your questions live.

That’s what I have for you today. If you found it valuable, please like it, leave a review, share it with someone else who might find it valuable.

If you have any questions about creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you, please send them my way! FB or Instagram messenger under UPLIFT Healthy Lifestyle or email me at

Have an energized day!


My upcoming FREE 5-day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge starts September 19.

Over 5 days we'll cover the small nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes you need to make to fire up your energy burn.

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