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Are you frustrated by a lack of results?

5 tactics to break through your plateau and start getting results.

Are you frustrated by a lack of results? 5 tactics to break through your plateau and start getting results.

We all have healthy lifestyle goals. Whether you want to lose weight, feel less stress, eat better, or any number of other things, we have goals (or intentions, or resolutions) to improve something.

You more than likely will come to a point where you're not progressing towards your wellness goal, despite the work you have been doing. This, my friend, is when you've hit a plateau.

Has this happened to you?

You’ve been working hard following a plan to help you lose weight – and you’ve been getting steady and consistent results. And even better, you feel GREAT!

But then suddenly...STUCK!

All of your progress suddenly stops. The scale doesn’t budge, and it’s as if your body REFUSES to lose more weight.

You have hit a plateau.

It might feel more like a brick wall – and it’s blocking you from reaching your goals. It is frustrating, to say the least. And it’s also absolutely normal.

Let's take a look at five ways you can avoid plateaus, or breakthrough them when they happen, AND achieve your goals faster and with less frustration.

"Everyone plateaus. It's what you do next that counts."

- Noah Kagan

TACTIC #1: Working on your mindset

First, let's look at a powerful resource that you ALREADY have, but you just might be missing out on tapping into its potential!

It’s waiting to help you accomplish whatever goals you have in mind. Seriously! You just have to wake it up and give it some regular exercise.

It’s your MINDSET and your MOTIVATION.

We all have moments when it feels weaker than we want it to be – which is why we need to give it regular TLC!

Making time to work on it is just as important as working on other aspects of your wellness.

Because your mindset – and your motivation – drive the entire process.

Except here’s the thing...

Many times, we wait for it to just “kick in.” We’ve all heard people say they’ll start when they “get motivated.”

And sometimes it does kick in, for a short while (though, it is rare).

But then it gets tired – literally!

This means it is up to you to train your mindset “muscle” – just like you do the muscles in your body!

  • You have to SURROUND it with an environment that is positive and supportive.

  • FEED it with inspiration by what you read, listen to, or watch.

  • And TRAIN it by consistently taking positive action that moves you forward.

  • You have to make time to work on it INTENTIONALLY.

And it pays off!

Because when your motivation is challenged, it’s READY with firm resolve!

Here are a few things I do every day to keep my mindset strong:

  1. Breathing exercises to help energize or focus my mind (Coffee and Water category...ask me about these).

  2. Listen to a self-development podcast...something that gets me into a positive mindset for what I'm getting ready to do

  3. Remind me of my “why” – why the habit or goal is important to me - I'll keep it posted on sticky notes, in my journal, on my phone.

  4. Set weekly intentions and hone in on them every day...I'll also add these to my phone, journal, sticky notes. Here are some of the images I use to keep focused...

ACTION: Make a list of 2-3 things you can do to help keep your mindset strong when your motivation and willpower start to lag.

TACTIC #2: Consistent Action Is Where It's At

I hope this next tactic comes as a big relief – and also inspires you!

People often ask what the secret is to [name your thing here].

I have a quote for you straight from Oprah Winfrey. Whether or not you follow her, you have to admit she has created a lot of success in her life!

Here’s what she said:

“The big secret in life is that there is no secret. Whatever is your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work.”

Making progress boils down to consistent action toward whatever goal you have!

The best way to make consistent action easier is to break that big goal down into skills...

which break down into practices...

which break down into daily habits.

These daily habits are where you build consistent action with smaller bites. Once you master one daily habit under a practice, you add another. Once you've mastered one practice and incorporated it into your lifestyle, you move onto the next and the daily habits that fall under it.

Here's an example of how this works:

Let's say your goal is to improve your habits around want to eat better. The first skill you could focus on is to choose better foods.

  • One practice underneath that could be to choose a rainbow of colorful vegetables.

    • The first daily habit to master here is to try one new and differently colored vegetable daily. You'll practice this for two weeks (and have tried many different vegetables).

    • Then you'll take what you've learned and add on the second habit...planning 5 meals per week with varying colored vegetables.

After just one month you're already making better food choices, getting more nutrients from your food AND progressing towards your goal of eating better.

ACTION: Think about your wellness goal. Try breaking your goal down into smaller daily actions and focus on one daily action at a time until it becomes a habit (at least for 2 weeks)...focusing on consistent action. Then move on to add the next habit.

TACTIC #3: The Basics Are Everything

Trends, tricks, and hacks come and go. But the basics stick around forever because they WORK.

For fitness, health & wellness, those basics include:

  • Feeding your body healthy whole foods in the right amounts

  • Drinking enough water to keep you hydrated,

  • Moving your body regularly to keep it fit and strong,

  • Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours a night,

  • Managing your stress,

  • Keeping your mind positive and focused by learning new things, and

  • Getting regular downtime!

It really is THAT SIMPLE.

I said simple, not EASY.

There are challenges along the way, but honestly, I think that’s why the process is SO REWARDING.

You learn a lot about yourself – your strength, your tenacity, and your drive!

You also learn where you need to spend a little more time making some changes, so you can become the best, healthiest version of yourself!

Just remember, when you’re feeling blah or need a boost in your results, circling back around to your basics is EVERYTHING!

When you have those nailed down, you become unstoppable.

ACTION: Assess how well you are covering the basics with your daily actions. If you find that you are lagging in an area, bring focus to this area for the next couple of weeks (using the same breakdown to daily habits we reviewed above).

TACTIC #4: Basic doesn’t mean boring

Let's take a deeper look at the Basics and how you can stay motivated around they can continue to deliver results.

Remember: Consistently applying the BASICS will bring you the most results, the fastest.

But here’s the thing, BASIC is NOT the same as BORING. In fact, it’s far from it!

When you can make the journey to your results FUN and ENJOYABLE you are more likely to get there!

When it comes to fitness & health, the basics give you more energy, faster progress, and basically lay the foundation for everything else in your life.

Think about it like this: The basics are like a Little Black Dress you can wear anywhere.

It’s simple, no-nonsense, and always delivers!

And the Little Black Dress of wellness is that same list from above: eating healthy whole foods in the right amounts, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, drinking enough fresh water, managing stress, and working on your mindset!

But the fun part is, you can MIX UP or ADD to your basics once you have them under control....just like you would accessorize your Little Black Dress depending on the event you're going to.

You can try new foods…experiment with different workouts…play around with stress-reduction techniques…and more…to stay interested and find out what keeps you motivated.

As long as you are true to the basics, mixing things up can also keep your results coming and help you avoid plateaus.

PLUS...all of this goes a LONG way toward keeping the basics anything but boring! It makes the process FUN.

A few ways I mix up MY basics are to try a new plant-based recipe every week, update my workout routine every week or so, and try new yoga classes and breathing techniques.

You could try any one of these or you could…try a new vegetable or fruit...or a new self-care tactic.

I hope this inspires you to take action on YOUR basics today…and to make them fun!

ACTION: Take another look at your "basics assessment" that you did above. For those where you are feeling good about, think about 1-2 ways you can spice them up. Try new veggies, a new workout, a new essential oil at bedtime, whatever sounds fun and interesting to you.


Have you ever been out of an ingredient when you were making a favorite recipe at home…and after digging around in your pantry, you decide to go without it.

And the result is OK. But it’s not GREAT.

Let's take a look at one special ingredient that can take your healthy lifestyle results from OK to great!

In fact, it’s an ingredient I rely on myself.

That one ingredient that’s missing in a lot of programs is accountability and support. It’s having someone to help motivate you along the way!

Actually…that’s more like three ingredients, right? But they all fit together.

These ingredients are SUPER important, especially after a couple of weeks of starting a new program when your enthusiasm starts to wane.

It’s also important when your results are stalling out a little, and you could benefit from an outside eye so you know what to do next.

The ingredient I’m talking about is working with an experienced coach with a PROVEN process.

Hiring a coach is exactly what I do when I’m working toward a goal I’m committed to achieving! ...yes, I'm a coach and help others, but sometimes when looking at yourself you don't see all of the blocks. Even I need some outside help sometimes!

PLUS, having someone there to give you the support, accountability, and coaching is a LIFE-CHANGER.

It is rare to have someone just as invested in your goals as YOU are!

A coach can help you work through trial and error, keep you on track with your goals, and help hold you accountable to follow through on your plan.

PLUS...they can help address all the other factors affecting your results, from workouts and nutrition to stress and sleep and more!

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, or you feel stuck, this could be the reason why!

If you’re ready to make a real difference in your healthy lifestyle, I can help.

I’ve helped numerous women who were stressed out and overwhelmed by health choices or by feeling stuck. We worked together so they could achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Their results include less stress, more confidence, better habits around nutrition and exercise, weight loss, strength gain and more energy!

ACTION A: If you want more information on how to hone "the Basics" so you can meet your wellness goals on your own, get my FREE Break Through Your Plateau Guide HERE.

ACTION B: If you feel like you need additional support and accountability towards achieving your wellness goals, sign up for a FREE goal-mapping session with me. I'll work with you to break down your goal into those smaller daily habits...and we'll discuss how I can work with you to achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

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