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  • Do you coach online or in-person?
    UPLIFT Healthy Lifestyle offers online coaching via Zoom for most programs. The Holistic VIP day can be done in person in the local area.
  • What are your hours?
    I'm available to answer questions most of the time. I schedule time with my clients Monday-Thursday, 5:30-8p CT and Saturdays 11:00am-5:00pm CT.
  • Do you offer a consultation?
    Yes! And I would love to have a consultation with you. I call it an Energy Optimization can book yours here:
  • What are your coaching programs?
    I offer several programs, based on your goals. Learn more about them here:
  • Do you have a Podcast or YouTube Channel?
    Thanks for asking! I have both!! My podcast is currently on my YouTube channel.
  • Do you offer on-demand programs?
    Yes! I have several on-demand programs and masterclasses. You can check them out here:
  • Do you have a mailing list?
    I'll add you to my email list AND send you my free Good Morning, Good Night Ritual Guide!
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