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Are you stuck in a funk?

I've got great news! Within just a few days, you can learn healthy habits that will raise your energy, mood, quality of sleep AND boost your calorie burn!

My FREE 5-day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge targets the 5 most important components that can help boost your metabolism.

We start on September 19!

Join the FREE 5-day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge!

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How does your Metabolism work?

Simple shifts in your diet, workouts, and lifestyle will help your body naturally gain more energy (and burn more calories) every day.

In this FREE 5-day Challenge, you'll learn:


 Metabolism isn't a "thing" - it's a process your body uses to turn food into energy

 The workouts you need to do to jumpstart your metabolism

 About the specific foods that’ll help you get faster results

 About stress and its connection to your metabolism (and what to do about it)

 How sleep can help you lose more body fat if that’s a goal

 The most overlooked component of metabolism (that can actually be FUN!!)

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Challenge beings September 19!
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In this FREE 5-day Challenge, you'll receive:


 Daily coaching to show you exactly HOW to fire up your metabolism
 Daily action items and worksheets to help keep you on-track
 Accountability & Support
 Access to our private Facebook group to connect and share your successes


By day 5, you’ll start to see and feel REAL RESULTS!

Challenge beings September 19!
Are you ready to change your life to have more energy, feel better, get better sleep, and burn more calories?
What my clients say... 
Green Goodness

Laura M.
HR Manager

Vicky is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. She has a passion to help people feel their best. Whether you’re looking for guidance on essential oils, yoga and fitness or making healthy eating choices, Vicky with Uplift Yoga + Fitness is a great resource.

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Jennifer S.
Director of Marketing

All this sitting has resulted in low back pain AND I seem to have tweaked a weird inner hip area to the point where the pain was taking my breath away. Vicky used her expertise in anatomy and movement to provide movements that instantly brought relief and are slowly bringing me back to freedom from pain.

I am grateful!

Pilates Pose

Suzanna M.
Author & Entrepreneur

Vicky's enthusiasm for yoga motivates her students and enables them to stretch and grow -- both literally and metaphorically! Nearly everyone I know would benefit from adding a yoga practice to their lives and Vicky makes it accessible to all.

I coach women because I believe:

Every woman deserves to feel confident, strong, energized and supported as she pursues her goals and creates a life of impact and meaning.

The Hive Wichita HS Day - Vicky.jpg

Hi there, I’m Vicky Cleary with UPLIFT Healthy Lifestyle, LLC.

I am a certified health coach, yoga teacher and breath coach who helps professional and entrepreneurial women find more energy, balance and productivity while reducing the negative affects of stress. 

I am both a career woman and entrepreneur...I understand how stress can affect your mind and body. I love what I do by day...leading project teams to better communicate, organize and accomplish their project goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. But this work can be stressful.


I also have a passion for helping busy business women rejuvenate their mind and body habits so they can feel their best mentally and physically.

I share healthy habits and tools you can use to nourish your body (without diets or deprivation), move your body in ways that work for you, and care for yourself so you can thrive.

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