• Vicky

Detox Your Body with Spring Juicing + Smoothies

If you want to get healthier this spring season and detox your body, it starts with what you put into your body. While you do not need a juice cleanse just to be healthier, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables is a great idea. And an easy (and fun) way to do so is with juices and smoothies! Here I share more information on juicing for the Spring.

Juices vs Smoothies

I love fresh juice, but don’t have a juicer a home. So I like to make fresh smoothies. Juices allow the nutrients to get into your system quicker because there’s not much to digest and no fiber. Smoothies offer all the natural fiber from the fruits and vegetables which can help your digestive system. Both are good. Both can be made fun and exciting with a variety of ingredients.

Use Fresh Spring Produce

Before you start, you need to begin with the best produce you can get your hands on.

  • If you’re juicing, try to go for the freshest produce, organic whenever possible. However, organic is definitely not mandatory. If you can get it from local farmers, such as from a farmer’s market, that will be the freshest available.

  • With smoothies you can use frozen produce, it will actually help make it thick and cold.