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6-week Personal Coaching Program - Start when you're ready!
Are you ready to become more self-confident, lose weight, improve healthy habits, AND celebrate being a strong & sexy woman?

YOU are ALREADY Amazing.

But sometimes…it takes a little sweat, support, and a LOT of fun to make you FEEL that way!

As women, we are always performing amazing balancing acts between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

We rarely make the time to put ourselves first. 


That’s where The Little Black Dress Project comes in...

"Finally…Here’s the perfect solution if you want to feel amazing in that
Little Black Dress in 6 weeks without having to resort to hours of boring cardio and depriving yourself of real food."

Do You Have A Little Back Dress

... that sits in the back of your closet? You may not even have it in your closet yet but you see it every time you go shopping for clothes. You know exactly what black dress that I’m talking about, the one that you would wear to a cocktail party or a night out with friends.


You tell yourself that you’ll wear it out…once you have a place to go to and (gulp), truth be told, maybe when you feel like you’ve lost a bit of the extra insulation.


Instead you wait. You go to those parties or nights out and wear something else, then you see some other woman wearing that little back dress…and she looks good, real good, and you can't get that out of your mind!

After that you get that fire lit under your rear and you go to the gym swearing that you’ll drop a few pounds. You then begin to eat like a rabbit living on only salads, yogurt and a few of those 100-calorie snack packs; but after a week or two the scale doesn't budge and you say "hell with it" and end up going on a bender that leaves you in a carb coma waking up with a food hangover. 

Frustrating? You bet and I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

A lot of women struggle with dropping a few sizes without feeling so deprived and frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed, wondering if they are doing the right thing because there is so much conflicting information out there.


If you can relate to that problem, I have the solution for you.

Girl in Evening Dress
The Little Black Dress Project

The Little Black Dress Project is a step-by-step 6-week transformation program for women that includes a clean meal plan, flexible workout plan, habit and mindset guidance AND daily inspiration.

All designed to help you feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING, & have the Confidence to ROCK that Little Black Dress.

Real Benefits

  • Confidence that you are doing the exercises your body needs to be doing, safely and correctly, because sometimes you’ve always wondered if you were doing them right in the first place. 

  • Excitement of doing things you never thought you could do PAIN-FREE; such as squatting for great legs without your knees hurting… ever. Or even ab work without your low back hurting.   

  • Education so you can connect your mind and body, improve your habits, achieve results, and understand how to make those results last.

  • Results each week whether it's your pants getting looser or the weights feeling easier, each week there is always something new that you'll experience and keep you excited for the next workout.

  • Support every step of the way because you're NOT ALONE and this won’t be a lonely journey, you’ll be surrounded by others that have done, and are going through, what you're going through.

  • Motivation that keeps you grounded and not falling off the wagon even after those long days with an angry boss, traffic jams, and kids (or a boyfriend/husband, they are about the same thing).

What's Included

When you've invested time and effort into a transformation, you want the results to last.

With the LBD Project I equip you with the tools to do just that. Change goes beyond a scheduled meal plan and workouts. Real change comes from learning sustainable healthy habits and mindset and understanding how to integrate them into your own life.


Healthy Lifestyle Assessments:

Over the course of the program we'll use several assessments to gauge where you are and how to fine-tune the program to match your goals.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Assessment to get a starting point and objective appraisal of what and how you're doing.

  • Kitchen Set-up Assessment to learn where we can remove barriers in the kitchen and help you succeed. (self-assessment)

  • Holistic Health Assessment to gauge how you're doing in all the dimensions of your life, not just physical wellbeing. (self-assessment)

The Little Black Dress Meal Plan:

This is the nutrition your body is craving, in a done-for-you package to make updating your nutrition habits easier. We've got 6 weeks of clean, whole food recipes that are designed to detoxify a woman's body and turn it into a sexy, fat-burning machine that you can be PROUD of. You will rid your body of sugar cravings, boost your metabolism, and gain the energy to take on the world!

  • My signature LBD Recipe Book

  • 6 weeks of Done-for-You Weekly Meal Plans

  • Weekly Print-and-Go Grocery lists

  • Complete Food Exchange List so you can swap for some of your favorite foods

UPLIFT travel workouts cover.png

Flexible Movement Plan:

You'll move your body in a way that feels good and that will help you feel GREAT and look AMAZING in that Little Black Dress!

  • In your Success Session we'll create a movement plan that is manageable and filled with things you like doing. Every plan includes strength, cardio, recovery AND options so you can feel confident modifying your plan when needed.

  • Signature Bootcamp-style Workout Guide so you can add to your movement plan as you need. Most need no weights or equipment!

  • Update your habits around movement and your perceptions of what your body can do.

  • Modify for YOUR body and YOUR abilities.

The Little Black Dress Daily Dose:

No one ever said this was going to be easy. The Daily Dose contains my daily LBD updates to you that are filled with inspirational quotes, motivational stories, and tips & tricks to help you to stay on track with the program. It's there to remind you why you started and to not give up.

Success Manual: 

This is your step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about what you are going through, why it happened, and what you can expect to happen over the course of your transformation journey. 

Copy of _NEW FINAL LBD Worksheets.png
Copy of _NEW FINAL LBD Worksheets (1).pn

Accountability & Support:

I CARE about you getting the results you want and I will be here to make sure you stay on track with the program.

How many times have you tried to “diet” or “eat healthier” and somehow still ended up with a pint of ice cream in front of the television? It’s happened to the best of us. Let's discuss why it happens and how to break the cycle.

I will share the tools with you so you can learn how to stay on track with the program. We'll begin with a Success Start Session to set goals and answer any questions. 

BONUS: I've created a private group on my coaching app for all of my clients, where you’ll be able to chat with other women working towards the same goals and dealing with similar struggles. (That's right! No Facebook and no temptation to get stuck in the scrolling zone!!), a $50 value

Weekly Check-ins / Coaching Calls:

Progress and setbacks are a natural part of any transformation. Both provide key takeaways and growth on your path to lifestyle change.

  • Take Before & After pics and measurements

  • Weekly weigh-ins to check progress and make sure you're getting RESULTS

  • Weekly Coaching calls to check in, discuss progress and setbacks, and learn how to use what we've learned going forward. We'll schedule your series of calls during the Success Start Session.

  • BONUS: Incorporated into our sessions will be segments from my Daily Breath program, a $120 value!​​

Being honest here, this will require your own effort and for you to change a few things in order to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Some days may feel tougher than others...that's what the support group is for!

Online Mini Success Course:

The online Mini Success Course includes modules to support your transformation and new habit and mindset integration:

  • How to nourish your body and your relationship with food.

  • How to move your body and your relationship with movement.

  • Self-care, mindset and your relationship with yourself.

AND THE BEST PART...End-of-Challenge Celebration!!

This is my favorite part!! All your hard work and dedication deserves to be celebrated!!

In our Wrap-up call we'll celebrate your journey and transformation.

Just think of the new-found confidence and strength you'll have after just 6 weeks!

Get ready to flaunt that Little Black Dress.

Group Photo at a Party

I am blown away. I joined the LBD Project because I felt sluggish and bloated all the time. I have tried so many different things and nothing works. After just a few days on the program, I was already feeling lighter. This is a must-try program!


Just one week into the LBD program and I am already waking up more energized and ready to take on the day. This is really an amazing program!


Vicky is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. She has a passion to help people feel their best. Whether you’re looking for guidance on essential oils, yoga and fitness or making healthy eating choices, Vicky with Uplift Healthy Lifestyle is a great resource.



My name is Vicky Cleary and I'm a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, certified with Precision Nutrition as a Pn1. I'm also a registered yoga teacher and certified breath coach. I guide busy business women to find more energy and productivity, with less stress, through simple, sustainable habit change. My coaching is firmly planted on the pillars of self-care, nutrition and movement. I look forward to working with you!


Little Black Dress Project Registration

Are you ready to become more self-confident, lose weight and improve healthy habits, and celebrate being a strong & sexy woman?

This no-brainer investment in yourself is only:



To take your first steps and start the Little Black Dress Project, you just have to click on the "Sign Up Today!" button while this is fresh on your mind.

Now, I have no interest in trying to twist your arm into joining.

The fact of the matter is I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time and I only want to work with women that WANT to do the work, rock out a little black dress, and be the healthiest version of themselves. That’s it. Once all the spaces fill up, I won't be available again until they finish their programs.


I'm very much looking forward to coaching you on the path to your transformation and finding your healthiest self. 

Vicky Cleary, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

P.S. Every day that goes by is another day that you're missing out on becoming your best and letting that dress just sit in the back of your closet...Waiting till tomorrow never gets anyone results, how many more times are you going to say "I'll wait till next week/month/when the kids go back to school/when the holidays are over..." There will ALWAYS be something so TAKE ACTION NOW.

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