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Grounding + Gratitude

Grounding + Gratitude, a blog by UPLIFT yoga + fitness

Hello! Welcome to Grounding + Gratitude, a blog I created for UPLIFT yoga + fitness to share my take on things related to yoga, fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. For me, grounding and gratitude are the two most important "states of being."

Grounding: connecting your body to the earth, bringing physical and emotional balance and strength

Gratitude: not just being thankful, but also a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Let's dive a little deeper...

Connecting to the earth

It's not news to anyone that we are the only known living beings on the only known planet that can support life. That is miraculous. There is something magical about Earth and it's elements that provide what we need to survive. Why wouldn't you want to feel more connected to it? Any time you can allow your skin and your senses to get as close to nature as possible - whether that's walking on the grass barefoot, soaking up the sunshine or swimming in the ocean - you are connecting to Earth's magic and your batteries get a natural charge. I try to get close to nature daily, in whatever way is appropriate for the season. Sometimes it's a little, some days it's a lot. But I always feel a little more grounded, a little more connected to this Earth. What outdoor activities do you do to help connect to the Earth?

Physical and emotional balance and strength