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Grounding + Gratitude

Grounding + Gratitude, a blog by UPLIFT yoga + fitness

Hello! Welcome to Grounding + Gratitude, a blog I created for UPLIFT yoga + fitness to share my take on things related to yoga, fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. For me, grounding and gratitude are the two most important "states of being."

Grounding: connecting your body to the earth, bringing physical and emotional balance and strength

Gratitude: not just being thankful, but also a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Let's dive a little deeper...

Connecting to the earth

It's not news to anyone that we are the only known living beings on the only known planet that can support life. That is miraculous. There is something magical about Earth and it's elements that provide what we need to survive. Why wouldn't you want to feel more connected to it? Any time you can allow your skin and your senses to get as close to nature as possible - whether that's walking on the grass barefoot, soaking up the sunshine or swimming in the ocean - you are connecting to Earth's magic and your batteries get a natural charge. I try to get close to nature daily, in whatever way is appropriate for the season. Sometimes it's a little, some days it's a lot. But I always feel a little more grounded, a little more connected to this Earth. What outdoor activities do you do to help connect to the Earth?

Physical and emotional balance and strength

It is so easy to get caught up in all the things. Work life, home life. A big project, all the daily to-dos. We can get swept away...unless we find a way to get grounded and find our center. When we can do this, our physical and our mental bodies become more aligned. This alignment creates balance. This balance gives us strength. And, it is important to note that the thing that helps to ground you will be different for everyone. For some, it may be just finding a quiet space. For others, it may be doing yoga or meditation. There is no right or wrong... there is what works today and what doesn't. What I have found that works for me are the quieter practices of yoga - Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Savasana. These practices allow me to come back to balance by releasing my mind from the rigor of the day and releasing my body from any tension. Here I can return to my center, become more aligned, find my balance and strength.

Being thankful

When we are thankful (grateful) for the people and things in our lives we are more likely to be content. We are less likely to feel a void that needs to be filled with food, things or perhaps less-than-healthy relationships. It is important to find something to be thankful for each day. Some people start their day with it, others end their day with it. As I said above, there is no right or wrong, only what works or doesn't work for you. For the past several years I have held a 7-day Gratitude Challenge to help remind myself, and others, that daily thankfulness and gratitude makes a difference in how you perceive your life.

Appreciation for and to return kindness

Gratitude is not only about being thankful...otherwise, we'd just use the word "thankful." The other key facet is the appreciation for kindness, and returning kindness to others. Kindness can get overlooked or forgotten but when you develop Gratitude in your life it will come more easily and naturally. The more you share kindness and see how much that kindness sheds light on another's day, the more you will be likely to share more. And, the more kindness you share out, the more kindness you will receive in it's a wonderful cycle of kindness in/kindness out that can easily be started with a simple acknowledgment and a purposeful act to share you kind light. What are some ways you can be kind to a few other people today?

So, that's the intention behind "Grounding + Gratitude." My hope is that you find something in this blog that you can use to help you become the healthiest version of you.

If you have an idea for a topic, or question about a post, please drop a note from the Website...

With peace, love, grounding + gratitude...Namaste.

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