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Create a Resolution Revolution: Reach your desired state with an action plan

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Create a Resolution Revolution

Will your New Year's Resolution last past January 12?

January 12 is the average date that most resolutions get abandoned. And the percent increases further by the end of January.

New Year's Resolutions are a tradition that has either become a lost cause or something we no longer take seriously.

You've seen it time and again:

  • Jim decides he wants to be "healthier" in the New Year. He gets a gym club membership, goes so many days every week, gets burnt out, and stops going (ever notice how the gym is SO busy in January and February, then attendance falls off going into March??)

  • Jane decides she wants to be "healthier" in the New Year. She starts buying more vegetables to add to meals, doesn't really know what to do with them, and eats boring salads or the veggies rot in the fridge. It's not fun (actually boring as hell) and is such a waste with the food that gets thrown out. She gives up and goes back to eating whatever she was eating before the New Year.

There are tons of scenarios like this year after year. People want to be "healthier" based on an idea that they have to be a certain way or fit a certain mold. And even if they really desire it, they turn their lives upside down to make it happen and burn themselves out because it's so different than what they were doing before.

Can you think of a New Year's Resolution like this that you've set for yourself in the past? (I've actually done both scenarios above.)

Why did you give up?

Frustration? Lack of results? Too time-consuming? Didn't know the next step?

How did you FEEL when you couldn't stick to your resolution or commitment? How did you feel knowing you didn't make your goal - whether it was to get "healthier" or some other aspiration?

Why do we do this to ourselves, year over year?

Let's take a step way back and understand where this tradition originates.

Where does the tradition of resolutions come from?