• Vicky

Don't set a New Year's Resolution

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Don't set a New Year's Resolution: A different approach to creating the life you want
Don't set a New Year's Resolution: A different approach to creating the life you want

Last year is over and you're getting ready for the next. And for the next decade. 2020 will be BIG, right? And you're going to set an awesome resolution...something that will change your life; or something you've been meaning to do for the last several years, but haven't. This will be the year it happens.

And it can be...if you don't set a resolution. The New Year's Resolution always tends to be a BIG thing. But that's the problem, right? We are setting resolutions that are too big to accomplish. Not because we want to fail, but because we want better for ourselves and every New Year is a new chance to prove we can be better.

The thing is, your way of life doesn't change overnight. Just because you set a big, lofty resolution doesn't mean things suddenly fall into place to make it happen. YOU have to change...and change is hard. We are creatures of habit. Habits are hard to change unless you make small changes one step at a time.

This year, don't set a New Year's Resolution. This year, try a different approach. One with less pressure but just the right amount of accomplishment to keep you moving forward.

Here I outline a few key steps to a Resolution-free New Year:

  1. Set a Theme for the year. Something that you can focus your efforts around and use when making decisions throughout the year. For example - my theme for 2020 is Simplify. How does this play out? When I think about my home, I don't need big plans to reorganize every room in the house (tried that one for many years), or completely redecorate...I just need to simplify. When I'm cleaning each day/week, I can consider how/what I can simplify at that moment. When I put together my teaching schedule, I used this theme to make sure I didn't overwhelm my calendar. I'm being more mindful to keep my calendar more open, but still teach the classes I want to teach.

  2. Once you have your theme, pick a habit that you would like to work on for the next couple of months. It takes time