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4 Ways to use Essential Oils to support your healthy lifestyle

In 2017, while in Yoga Teacher Training, I began using essential oils as a means to naturally enhance my wellness. I was overcoming an especially challenging time and I had heard how essential oils could help with stress and emotions. Since then I have discovered lots of different ways essential oils can support a healthy lifestyle.

How do essential oils work?

The scents you smell go through the olfactory system, to the limbic system (the center for your reactions) and can alter your mood. Each essential oil has a different chemical compound that affects the body in different ways so it's good to try different oils to see how they affect you. Young Living has an article that offers a more in-depth look at how essential oils work, here.

Let me share 4 ways I learned to use essential oils to support my healthy lifestyle

1) I discovered how essential oils can help relieve stress.

A few of my favorites are lavender, bergamot and lemongrass. I diffuse these oils before bed, while at work, and when I get home from work. I also dab or roll them on my pulse points to achieve the stress-relieving benefits.


(For use in diffuser or roller bottle)

2) I discovered how essential oils can support my emotions.

Just as I've used oils to help relieve stress, I use oils to help give me a little lift before a meeting or after a long day (favorite: grapefruit). And I use oils to help me feel better when I'm experiencing mood swings related to PMS (favorite: clary sage).

**EMOTION RELIEF RECIPE: Be kind. Unwind.**

(For use in diffuser or roller bottle)

  • 4 drops Lavender

  • 3 drops Clary Sage

  • 1 drop Peppermint

3) I found many ways that essential oils can support my wellness.

Essential oils can be used to support my physical well-being. Some oils will help bolster immunity, help as pain relievers, and those that are anti-inflammatory. I have come to appreciate all three of these benefits.

  • BOOST IMMUNITY: Young Living's Thieves blend includes Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. This combination is great to diffuse, to roll on the skin or to make as a hot tea. (See my post about Thieves Tea)

  • PHYSICAL SUPPORT: When my physical body isn't feeling optimal, I'll use essential oils to help.

    • Physically tired but need a pick-me-up: spearmint and citrus oils are refreshing and invigorating.

    • Sore muscles: self-massage with blends that include peppermint or wintergreen (these "hot" oils should be mixed with fractionated coconut before applying to skin).

    • Sore muscles/joint pain: Copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory oil (and can also support stress-relief).

4) I learned how essential oils can support my yoga practice.

On their own, yoga and essential oils can each help relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce tension and help quiet the mind. When combined, the synergistic effect is powerful, transformative. Here's how you can add oils to your practice:

  1. Get grounded. Apply a grounding oil to your feet as you prepare to practice (favorite: frankincense).

  2. Support an intention or theme.

    1. Set an intention (an example: Focus on Gratitude). Pick an oil that can help support that intention - apply via roller bottle to key areas of the body and at key times in the practice.

    2. Set a theme. Pair the intention with a theme. Using the example above of an intention for Gratitude, the theme might be heart-opening. Choose an oil that will support this - this goes in the diffuser. (Tip: if you know your theme ahead of time, you can get the diffuser started early, as you're preparing to practice)

  3. Invite a relaxing savasana. Just before savasana, spray a gentle mist of a "savasana spray" (a single oil or blend mixed with water in a spray bottle). This is like adding the finishing touch to your practice

In my weekday morning practice, I use one oil so I can get my practice started quickly.

On weekends I can use a more expansive assortment of oils.

  • Grounding: Frankincense

  • Support my intention or theme

    • Gratitude (Young Living)

    • Heart-opening: Joy (Young Living)

  • Relaxing savasana

    • Cedarwood & Stress Away (Young Living)

AND NOW I share essential oils for yoga in my signature workshop

I created Scentsational Yoga so I could share the benefits of using essential oils in a yoga practice. In this two-hour workshop we breathe, move + stretch into a higher level of awareness.

On their own, Yoga and Essential oils can each help relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce tension and help quiet the mind. When combined, the synergistic effect is powerful, transformative.

Combining Yoga + Pranayama with high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils can bring your experience to a whole new level!

I'm offering this mini-retreat ONLINE on Saturday, May 30, 3:00-5:00p Central. Registration closes on 5/20 so I can mail the oils to you (mini vials of each of the 6 featured oils). Access registration through my website.

If you are interested in adding essential oils to your daily routine or yoga practice, I am a Young Living Distributor and can help:

Here is my distributor link if you want to look around:

(you do not have to become a distributor to purchase, but if you do you get a discount). If you have questions, feel free to email me at

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