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UPLIFT 10-day Total Mind & Body Detox

  • 12Days
  • 61Steps
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My 10-day Total Mind & Body Detox is designed to rid your body of built-up toxins and wastes, normalize your hormone levels, give you more energy, make your skin glow, and feed and fuel your body so you feel ridiculously amazing. It's great as a transition between seasons or any time you're feeling a bit sluggish. This Do-It-Yourself program is delivered right to your fingertips via my Wix App. Here's what's included: -- 10-Day Detox Success Guide: This will contain our best tips, strategies, and recipes to help you to get the most out of this detox. -- Daily Checklist: To make sure you are staying on track with the key components on a daily basis. (print 10 of these) -- Sample 10-Day Meal Plan: This is a sample 10-Day detox plan- feel free to customize and make it your own based on the rules in your Success Manual! -- Grocery List: A complete grocery list for you if you choose to follow the sample plan exactly. -- Blank Meal Chart: If you choose to create your own plan, I've included a blank chart for you to make it easy! -- Personal Commitment Statement: Print this out and sign it- it will help to keep you focused and accountable over the next 10 days. BONUS: 2 UPLIFT Body Sculpt video classes: when you're ready to workout, just queue up one of these videos for a great workout! ($30 value) For just $5/day you can feel better and have more energy! At any point, you can level up your experience by adding a 1-hour coaching call with Vicky at a special price.

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