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Who doesn't love FREE stuff? Here you'll find my collection of Freebies I've created just for you!

There's a range of great stuff including yoga, fitness, nutrition and habit change so you can begin your journey to your healthiest self.


Meal Planner Worksheet

This Meal Planning sheet will create organization around your meals so you can hit the grocery store with a plan...and stay away from the junk!


Whole Body Workout With Bands

Resistance bands are even more compact and perfect for travel. They take a basic hotel room workout and kick it up a notch. You can snag an inexpensive set from Amazon.


TRX Workout for Travel

Many hotels have a fitness center - but not all are equipped with a TRX/ Suspension Trainer. They are compact enough to fit in your suitcase and you can workout in your room, fitness center, or out and about.

If you need inspiration, try this routine - you can make it as basic or intense as you need!


Yoga for the Airport

These yoga poses will help get you moving before, during and after a day of travel. They will also help counter the effects of sitting for long periods of time. This sequence is designed to minimize being on the floor...savasana can be done in a chair, if needed.

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