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Energy to Thrive Project

Service Description

Stress, Brain Fog and Inflammation may be negatively affecting your health… without you even knowing it. They can affect every part of your life including your productivity, mood and energy, immune function, hormones, weight, sleep, and so much more. This is where the Energy to Thrive Project can help. Discover (and implement) the actions that will help you better manage stress, eliminate brain fog and reduce inflammation while rediscovering energy, focus, and productivity. AND feel so much better inside and out. So you can perform at peak capacity and be more efficient when focusing on your business or career and your life! We do this through sustainable habit change across six key areas of a holistic healthy lifestyle...This is SELF-OPTIMIZATION. - Mindset & Discipline - Sleep - Stress Management - Nutrition - Movement - Workflow & Productivity We use wearable technology and specific key performance indicators in each category to determine your baseline and how the changes you implement are affecting you overall. As you implement what you learn, you'll FEEL:  • More Energized • Less Stressed • More mental clarity & focus  • More healthful and vibrant • More productive in all you do • More confident and accountable You will be guided through making simple habit shifts that fit into YOUR life, so you can integrate them into your routine and they become second nature...for sustainable and lasting change you actually enjoy. INCLUDES: - 90-min goal & vision setting session - 16x weekly coaching sessions (first 4 months) - 4x bi-weekly coaching sessions (last 2 months) - Access to my coaching app and metrics tracking - A final retrospective session to review your progress and discuss your next steps PLUS - You'll get access to my Membership Resource Vault (worth $800+) During your engagement, you'll have unlimited access to the Resource Vault which I've filled with additional trainings, workbooks, recipes and so much more - all to meet you where you are on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.​

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a class or appointment, please contact us at least 12 hours in advance. Coaching programs and services have a money-back guarantee. If you attend the first coaching session and determine it's not for you, you much cancel before the next scheduled coaching session to receive a full refund. Some services may not be cancelled...please see the details for the specific service.

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