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Here you can access the products that I use and recommend.

If you'd like additional information about how I use these products, just email me!

Some links below are Affiliate Links and will kick a little gratitude my way. Thanks for your support!

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Independent Representative

Young Living Essential Oils

I use Young Living Essential Oils because they offer therapeutic-grade oils and high-quality products. These oils can be used aromatically, topically or internally (Vitality oils).


Products I Use


Turn ordinary meals into culinary adventures with spices and seasonings free from preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, additives and those mysterious "other" ingredients.


Products I Use

Exercise Sliders

Add variety to your workout with these exercise sliders. These sliders can be used on any surface to help with toning, sculpting, stability, flexibility and endurance.




Simple, elegant jewelry promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness. Wear every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration.


Products I Use


Create a daily self-care ritual using the Shine App. Timely topics help you connect with yourself, get grounded, and start your day with intention. Meditate, connect, reflect.


Products I Use

Resistance Bands

These portable bands help to add resistance to almost any exercise. With 5 different strength levels, you can make your workout more efficient by adding these bands. 


Products I Use

Superfood and plant protein mixes and bars to improve your health and feel your best every day. Add these powders to your meals for superfood benefits.


Products I Use

TRX Suspension Trainer

Get a great workout using your body as your weight. Suspension training provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits and impact your total health. Made for all levels of fitness.


Products I Use

Tea Simmer Pot

This tea pot makes it easy to create homemade teas filled with healthy properties. Just drop in ingredients, add hot water, let it steep...then enjoy!

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